The Perfect Mobility Aid for your Family

    Total Weight: 7kg

    Top T-shaft: 3kg

    Bottom Motor Wheel: 4kg

    Passenger Max Weight: 100kg

    Max Speed: 6km/h

    Range: 14km

    Battery Charging Time: 2 hrs

    EMMA (Motorised Attachment)

    Designed to be loved by seniors and trusted by caregivers. This will be the perfect motorised aid for your family!


    Do you already have a wheelchair? Simply add EMMA to make it motorised. A free compatibility check for your wheelchair will be done for you to make sure its a right fit.


    Else, we have a bundle set with a wheelchair too. Its ultra portable (11kg) and gives a firm support.


    Delivery date: May 2018
    Free Delivery to your Doorstep!

    Minimum 50% Deposit Fee

    EMMA only - $1,299 

    EMMA and Wheelchair Bundle - $1,499




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