Loved by seniors &

    trusted by caregivers.


  • The perfect mobility aid for your family.

    So Easy to Drive

    Being "too difficult to drive" is no longer a concern for seniors who can learn and drive EMMA within minutes. No more struggles with using a joystick control!

    Light and Portable

    EMMA was designed with convenience in mind. It is modular and you can simply undo the locks and pack it in the car or taxi quickly.

    Compact in Size

    Driving through indoor spaces like restaurants and houses can now be done easily. Never be stuck in a tight space ever again.

  • Amanda Tan, 48 years old, (Beta Tester)

    Before we got EMMA, it was difficult to bring my Dad places because he is a very independent person and did not want us to push him on a wheelchair. Now, he is very happy to use EMMA when we go out. Thank You to the team!

    Cheryl Chua, 37 years old (Beta Tester)

    My mum loves EMMA and we go out more now! 

    Joshua Tay, 42 years old (Beta Tester)

    EMMA has surely made my Mum's life better. She used to stay at home most of the time and when she went out, she would walk and need to find a seat to rest after 5-10 minutes. With EMMA, going out has become much more enjoyable and comfortable for her.


    Bringing back the joy of going out.

    MOVINC. - "move incorporated" - was founded to change peoples' mindset towards senior mobility. In Asia, when seniors grow older, their ability to walk declines and they start to stay at home more often instead of go out to enjoy the fun and sun. We at MOVINC. believe that everyone, including seniors should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. Hence, we create products which seniors love and caregivers trust.

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